PODCAST #10 Real Estate Q & A

Real estate info live with Elyssa Bugnatto
-Intero Olympic Awards
-Top 10% agent for 2016
-Elyssa and team marketing – media – flyers – etc.
-Zillow reviews
-Zillow lawsuit regarding “Zestimates”
-Monthly market updates
-crossgrouphomes website info and seller comp tool
-Online banks vs. Big banks vs. Local lenders
-Pre-marketing and how it works
-More inventory and homes on the water

PODCAST #8 Mortgage Loan Info with Jason from Guild Mortgage

Special guest Jason from Guild Mortgage talks about new loan programs, interest rates, free money grants, down payment assistance programs, mortgage insurance, and more…


PODCAST #6 Real Estate Q & A

LIVE real estate questions and answers.
-Cinco de Mayo party fun
Hailey sick with a head cold
-Home maintenance checklist
-Supplemental tax bills
-55 and older tax base transfer
-Property tax percentage guidelines
-Special guests to come…….

PODCAST #5 Get To Know Us Better with Kari, Hailey and Nicole

This week we wanted to let you get to know your team better. With special guest Nicole Younger, The Cross Group’s transaction coordinator.
1. About ourselves
2. How we got started in real estate
3. Something people don’t know about us
4. What we LOVE and HATE about real estate
5. What car we drive, our favorite food
6. What does a TC do?
7. How we manage contingencies, what is a contingency?
8. How we are green! The Cross Group’s paperless system
9. Send us your referrals so we can win our office olympic’s

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PODCAST #4 Real Estate Q & A

Kari Cross and Hailey Cross from The Cross Group discuss…..

  • Should I purchase a rental home?
  • How do I buy a home if I have to sell a home first?
  • I want to buy a home but I am in a lease?
  • A listing agent told me that I have to use them to buy a home but I don’t want to?
  • What is the difference between a home evaluation, market analysis, seller consultation?
  • How do I know if the house I am putting an offer in on is a good deal?
  • Do we work anywhere in California?  What about other states?
  • Cinco de Mayo party, and what is to come next week……

PODCAST #3 Real Estate Home Warranty Information

Kari Cross interviews Amanda Spencer from Old Republic Home Protection.  What is a home warranty?  How do they work?  What is covered?  What is the cost?  Can you get a home warranty after you have lived in a home for years?   Many warranty questions answered!

PODCAST #2 Real Estate Q & A

In this weeks podcast Kari Cross is live with Hailey Cross, a buyers agent with The Cross Group, to answer some really great questions.
1. Referral Agents – How can you look at homes in different areas
2. Vendor List – helping each other find great local vendors
3. Solar – Do or Don’t  – How solar will effect the sale of a home.
4. How soon to contact a real estate agent – Call now!
5. How much does it cost to use a real estate agent – Free for buyers – No upfront cost for sellers, sellers only pay when they sale their home.
6. Why we are sitting in a bar and the new rental home on the water?

PODCAST #1 Real Estate Q & A

Kari Cross and Hailey Cross are live to answer real estate questions and talk about common mistakes that many people make….
-Not getting pre-approved
-Not knowing the exact costs when buying a home
-Using Zillow for buyer and seller information
-Cutting costs on home inspections
-Not getting a FREE buyer or seller home evaluation